I Can Do My Own Nappy Hair


I Can Do My Own Nappy Hair is your essential guide to natural hair styles, healthy & beautiful hair, and getting over your hair issues!

This ultimate guide is for anyone with textured hair to guide them through this age of information and arm him/her with the right information and tools, provide a solid foundation, and serve as a gateway for all other hair care tips, advice, and style guides.

Rock your natural beauty from the inside out!

Before wearing natural hair was considered acceptable, beautiful or the ‘healthy’ thing to do, Jamilah Shakir was researching and applying intensely what kinky and curly hair needed to be healthy and beautiful.

She traveled abroad to study in Senegal, West Africa, South America, and throughout the United States. Thousands of hours were invested in successfully transitioning women and girls from wearing hair relaxers to a head full of beautiful kinky tresses. She has refined the art of braiding, the art of designing kinky and curly tresses, and making women beautiful, a craft passed on from her mother since Jamilah was 9 years old.

Jamilah Shakir is a 30 year veteran in the hair industry; inventor of Easy Braids; developer and CEO of Saniyyah Naturally, LLC full line of natural hair products, founder of Budding Braiders and Young Apprentice Program, and author of “I Can Do My Own Nappy Hair”.

By Quran S. Sabir on August 21, 2011. When I purchased “I Can Do My Own Nappy Hair,” I was looking for simple techniques to help groom my daughter’s hair. She was getting older and wanted her hair styled to look more mature. I needed ideas and styles to help me. This book did more than provide great styles and designs for braiding and twisting natural hair. It made me proud of my decision to keep my and my daughter’s hair natural. I shared it with my daughter and other friends to help them understand the value and beauty of the well groomed kinks. This book is perfect for moms who want to know how to care for their daughter’s hair, for teens and young college students who want to find easy ways to style their hair fashionably and naturally, and for stylists looking for ways to expand your practice of grooming locs, braids, afros, and other natural styles. The author uses simple, everyday language to explain the best approaches to washing, grooming, and enriching natural hair. She even shares diets and foods that contribute or detract from the growth and beauty of your hair. “I Can Do My Own Nappy Hair” is a perfect guide for individuals and stylists.

By Claudia Moss on October 18, 2012 . “I Can Do My Own Nappy Hair” is a treasure of a book for all nappy and curly-headed households! I enjoyed devouring it from cover to cover. Engaging and beautiful, like its author, natural hair care pioneer, Jamilah A. Shakir, the perfect gift of a book is truly an essential guide to healthy and beautiful hair from the inside out. It teaches self love and peace, healthy choices and habits, and insightful child rearing and styling strategies! Written in an appealing voice that invites readers to stay and take notes, the book is complete with not only a delightful narrative voice, but also it boasts steps and exercises and suggestions for getting to know you and your nappy hair.This book makes a lovely gift for girls and women on the natural hair care path. It includes the kind of information that is filling and substantial. And the photos are truly breathtaking, from the front and back cover to the interior photographs.
Great job, Shakir!
I look forward to the next publication or a video!

By Amazon Customer on July 10, 2013

Jamilah really gets to the heart of the matter with this great book about natural hair care. I say that she gets to the heart of things because she makes it very clear that the condition of your coif is dependent upon the condition of your body. Healthy habits, healthy hair! Why do so few hair-care books talk about overall health? This is so important for people of any color but more so for people of African ancestry, who so often are encouraged to suffer for beauty. This is no more evident then with our hair care. But with Jamilah’a guide to self-empowerment and self-love, you can trade in suffering for joyful engagement with your beautiful, natural self. If you pick up this book with the aim of having lovely hair, great. But you just might end up with a whole lot more.

By Dr. Charlyn Green Fareed on August 20, 2011 . I’ve worn my hair all natural for over 20 years and have struggled with finding everyday tips, strategies and styles but could never find any comprehensive, practical books, manuals, etc. until today! Thank you Ms. Shakir for having the insight, commitment, and courage to boldly go where no other natural hair book has gone before! Your outstanding text goes far beyond “hair” techniques and offers women of color and other women with a source to heal as well as to stay groomed.

Words cannot express my deep gratitude to you for putting together this valuable tool that I can use everyday and pass on to other women struggling with not only natural hair issues, but with all that comes with making the decision to go natural.

You are a blessing!