What Is Self-Care and Why Is It So Important for Your Health?

Self-care is the intentional actions individuals take to preserve, enhance, or improve their physical, mental, emotional health, spiritual, relational, and financial health. It involves consistent and daily practices and activities that prioritize overall well-being with the goals being to live more purposefully, reduce stress, prevent burnout, and promote a balanced and fulfilling life.

How Self-Care Benefits Your Health and Well-Being?

Stress is the #1 cause of all dis-ease, pain and illness. Stress creates conditions in the mind, body, and spirit that is prone to dis-ease, pain, and illness. When we establish self-care practices, this helps to minimize stress in the body and allows for a more intentional life…making us more proactive and more effective.

How Can Self-Care Change My Life?

1: Self-care by nature is problem solving. If you have a good self-care plan, it allows you to look objectively at the problems you currently experiences and stressors you have experienced in your lifetime. The stress and obstacles provide information and guidance of where we should pay more attention and the areas of our life that need healing so that we don’t continue in the same unhealthy paradigms.

2: Self-care is action and solution oriented. Once you have identified the problems, through self-care, we identify the actions and habits that will help solve these problems. This is the where most people need help and support. Often we are not honest with ourselves to actually identify the real problems and think outside of the box to determine possible solutions.

3: Self-care is a gentle and effective way to solve big problems while at the same time being gracious with ourselves and others. Change is hard and often our lives pay dearly for change. Self-care softens the rough edges of life and allows for us to ease into major life changes.

4: When we focus on the care of our temples, we cultivate something holy and beautiful beyond our wildest dreams. Creating a PRACTICE of consistency, gentleness, and grace in understanding what we need on a soul level and responding to this need with inspired action helps us birth the most incredible parts of ourselves. THIS self-cultivation is life changing for the entire world.