Camp Butterfly

After researching statistics, Jamilah Shakir (Executive Director) observed that African-American females lead the nation in deaths from stress related illnesses, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, drug abuse, low self esteem, and increasing suicide rates beginning at age 20.

In 2010, Camp Butterfly Girls International started with a one (1) week summer camp and a small group of girls. Parents paid whatever they could and Jamilah along with clients, family, and friends funded the rest. Camp Butterfly Girls International received overwhelming responses from parents and the girls who wanted more. Hence, the fledgling “caterpillar” blossomed into monthly enrichment sessions, which we now lovingly refer to as Camp Butterfly Girls International! In summer 2011, Camp Butterfly Girls International expanded its sessions to include weekend retreats and enrollment tripled.”

We have expanded our program to encourage our girls to participate regularly in philanthropic works and service to humanity. Projects include: monthly visits of reading to senior citizens at Golden Living Senior Center; participants purchasing personal care items and book bags for KaKenya Center of Excellence Girls School Enoosean, Kenya.

In addition, the Annual Inner Beauty Pageant provides a healthy space for girls to delve deeper than their external beauty and cultivate their inner beauty and natural gifts, build confidence through public speaking and presentation, and to trust that the light she shines is always good enough, is of benefit to the world, and is always beautiful.

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When 11 year old Damali was asked what she learned in the Camp Butterfly Girls Int’l session for the day, her reply was, ‘I learned that Camp Butterfly Girls keeps getting better and better’. ~Damali

Camp Butterfly Girls International, Inc. is registered with the state of Georgia as a 501c3 non-profit organization. Founded in 2010 by Jamilah Shakir, we believe that being proactive, educating and building skills for girls and their families, and providing supportive intervention early in life ensures that girls will make healthy choices and subsequently improve their families, communities, and help make the world a better place for all of us.

Our focus is providing enriching experiences and training through evidence based and therapeutically based curriculum. Our whole life education programs are provided through monthly enrichment sessions, therapeutic retreats, parenting training and education, prevention education, service to humanity, and self development programs. Girls learn in ways that appeal to them and help actually change actions and develop them into physically, socially, and emotionally intelligent beings.